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Default Between 3 DSLR's...Please help!

I owned a Nikon dslr a few years ago, but was so uncomfortable using it because it was "so over my head" that I didn't and went back to my powerzoom. I have done alot of reading & research now and want to step back into the DSLR world and have narrowed it down to 3 entry level cameras, the Canon T2i, Nikon D3100 and Pentax K-r. I got to hold & try the controls on the T2i and D3100 at an electronics store and liked some features on the T2i better. They had an outlet T2i that looked totally "undisturbed" in the box for $647 with the kit 18-55mm lens so thought it was a great buy and I could return it up to 30 days hassle free. Have charged the battery but not tried it yet. They did not sell Pentax cameras so I could not see or try the K-r.
So, thought I had chosen my dslr but then have been reading more forum postings today by newbie dslr buyers (like me) and so many encourage the Pentax K-r. I read Steve's review and he also gives many raves to the K-r. I know Pentax has fewer lenses then Nikon & Canon but I still think it has enough to get me what I'd need.
I am a casual photographer but LOVE taking photos of family, friends, vacations, outings, etc. Most important to me is excellent jpeg image quality and want to get good youth soccer & basketball shots. We want to get good zoom shots at the lake this summer of tubing & wakeboarding. I plan on getting 3 lenses; a good everyday lens, a good outside zoom and an ok indoor sports lens (but not a $1500 one).
Can anyone offer advice as to which will give me the best images of what I will use it for?
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