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My first was an HP Photosmart 320. It was 2MP and used 4 AAs, if I remember right. It took 30 sec. videos in 320x240 resolution with no sound. It had a 2x or 3x digital zoom only, which was a complete joke. It wasn't even a real digital zoom. When you "zoomed" all the camera did was crop the image. I tried two different SD cards with it, and it never recorded images properly. Something was messing up that caused the images to be distorted. I hated the bloody thing, but it was given to me at the time. That was back in 2007. Needless to say, I didn't have it long.

When I got "my" first real digital camera it was lightyears ahead of the 320. It was a Samsung S85. It used two AAs, had 5x optical zoom, and 8MP. I gave it to my brother about a year later when I got a Canon SD1100, and it still works good to this day. I actually kind of miss it. Now, my most recent is the Panasonic FZ35.

When I look back to just 10 short years ago to where we are now I am astonished. Cameras have evolved so drastically. I was looking at old cameras a couple weeks ago for the heck of it, and read some reviews on this site. I came across a model (don't remember which, maybe Fuji) that had a 6x zoom. It looked quite a bit like my FZ35. I was surprised to say the least. I had forgot how different things were back then.

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