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Default Waterbirds

Over this spring and summer we have been lucky enough to photograph a variety of waterbirds during our visits to the lagoons of the Northern Tablelands of New England. The first selection was taken by Mark using his Nikon D3000 + 70-300 Tamron lens (nos 1 & 4) and his Canon SX30 IS (2&3)

#1 Darter [Anhinga melanogaster]
Name:  1-dsc_0042b_235w.jpg
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#2 a second darter
Name:  2-img_0243b_252w.jpg
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#3 Australian White Ibis [Threskiornis molucca]
Name:  3-img_0326b_250w.jpg
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#4 Great Egret [Ardea alba]
Name:  4-dsc_0507f_246w.jpg
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More to come
Bernice Olympus SP590 UZ, TCON-17, MCON-40
Mark Nikon D 5100

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