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Default sony, fuji and canon

Ok I have a Question for a girl i work with. She wants to get a new camera,wants a good zoom but yet good pics. I told her as much info as you have all given me about certain cameras that i have looked at in the past but she still wants to see what everyone has to say about these few that she is looking to get this summer.... ( some are really new, so not sure how much info you all can give her). She is looking at the canon 4500 and elph 300 or 500. she is also looking at the sony hx5-hx7/9 and fuji f 500. ( she doesn't want GPS)

She would like more then 5 times zoom but if it means that the best pics will come from the lower zoom, she will be happy with that. BUT she wants a camera that works best in AUTO mode. she's not into changing settings, etc...

any thoughts will help. thanks very much to all who give their imput, you guys are truly wonderful on this site!
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