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Originally Posted by TCav View Post
Florescent lighting can do that. It seems that, in the first clip, most of the light was coming from an overhead florescent light, but in the second, it was coming from a window.

Can you confirm that?
Hello TCav, Thanks for the help!

Both are from the same light source... the florescent light on the ceiling.
I took both videos within 10 minutes.

Basically what I did was :
1) Recorded the one with werid lighting
2) Turn off camera, and on and repeated this until I manage to somehow record the video without the light issue...

It is during time night at about 9pm, and apart from being quite far away from the windows, there is no external light source.

I believe this is a settings issue? Or at least I hope it was...

Because I am on auto mode when recording both the videos...
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