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Default Univited - and I think, malicious - program

Has anybody else been plagued by a program that pops up when viewing Google images?

I was searching for images of various sorts of plants & trees & suddenly an alarming-sounding display appeared on thje screen - and took over. It purported to have some connection with Microsoft. It announced that my computer had viruses & trojans and that it would now scan my computer - and then it appeared to be doing something.

I noticed that the URL was antispyware dot something and there was an invitation to download a .exe file called BestAntivirus2011 (which I certainly did NOT want to do.) Trying to close the displayed page didn't work - it just kept going, so I unplugged the computer, reformatted the hard drive, & re-installed Windows.

A day or two later it all happened again. The intrusion was so infuriating that
I not only wiped the hard drive yet again and reinstalled Windows, but I've kept the computer (it is my main one) disconnected from the Internet.

The same happened again then happened with my spare computer. However, because I want to use the Internet I've re-programmed the spare computer with Ubuntu 10.10. So far, it seems that Ubuntu isn't being attacked. I used Ubuntu to send this.

Thoughts anybody?
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