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Default taking the plunge with an xz-1

Hi all,

I'm going to the camera shop today to buy the xz-1. i've been doing heaps of reading regarding it's competitors and it's weaknesses but every time i look at the photos people are taking, i forgive all it's trespasses.

I'm pretty new to cameras and i know the basics about white balance and will figure out the menu systems quickly.

can you guys give me some advice on the best way to take some quick snaps and examine them in store where i will have the best chance of taking a relatively good photo?

like iso 200, f whatever etc? hoping someone can give me some indicative settings based on this camera...

after that i'm going to read and watch some videos but i want something quick to assist me with getting a viable snap in the shop so i can compare it to say the s95 in shop.
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