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Default A Meeting at Both Extremes

At the Heard Nature Center today I took a walk through the wetlands area after meeting with the photography club and watching a slide show if everyone's 5 favorite shots from the White Sands trip.

E5 and the 8mm FE at the wide end, a meeting at the top of the treeline (this is one sharp lens)...

Then, using the 50-200 and EC20, zoomed to the maximum tele setting and wide open at f7.1. I used the focus adjustment option on the E5 for this combination a couple of days ago and it now looks very sharp wide open at f7.1.

A closeup using the 50-200 and EC20 at the maximum 801mm effective focal length and a wide open f7.1. It's very obvious where the focus was in looking at this image. I'm glad I took a look at the focus adjustment with this lens set. Wide open is now perfectly useable where before it was a little soft....enough so that I preferred just shooting it stopped down to f8. No longer the case. The EC20 is one good teleconverter.

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