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I haven't looked through much of the site. But, one thing that caused a "red flag" to go up with me is your hosting of the Adobe DNG Converter and including a download link to the .exe on your site, versus posting a link to Adobe's site.

For one thing, the version on your web site is out of date (the current DNG Converter Version is 6.3). It's also a link to a windows .exe file (and some of your readers may be using a Mac).

For another thing, by allowing users to download it directly from your site, they're bypassing the License Agreement Adobe posts on their download pages.

For example, note the license text at the bottom of the Windows download page for the current DNG release here (and note some of the restrictions on where the software can be distributed):

What I'd do is post a link to Adobe's DNG Converter page instead. That way, you're giving them a link to a page that has links to the current versions for both Mac and Windows users; and you won't end up in potential legal "hot water" by redistributing Adobe software.

Here's the Adobe DNG page (and it's updated periodically with links to the current download pages for Mac and Windows):
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