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Onlooker; thanks for your great tips, I now learned something about exposure. Very greatful for that. I did not do any post processing with the cropped picture but will try it in future.

hkmp; Yes, I am happy with the camera but do have sometimes problems with the focussing, I will for instance focus on the birds on the feeder and the focus goes first close then goes further away again when I try to click the button. I also find that it takes a second sometimes for the camera to perform again , think I heard somewhere that the battery takes time to recharge when that heppens? That is unfortunate because I have lost some good shots because of it.
The reason why I cropped around the bird because I was just interested in the bird itself (for another nature forum). So if I would have concentrated more to the left the birds would have been smaller then I wanted it to be. Also , to the left is an old, beat up boat house. Whatever, I do like and appreciate your suggestion and will play with it and perhaps send it again after the Holidays.
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