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Originally Posted by dane/dawg View Post
Im not sure about Olys future ,but for a someone starting out its a great system to start with..The first camera i bought back in december 2010 was an Fz40 for 500.00 and wasnt impressed with the IQ, so i bought an E-510,E-520, 2x 14-40,40-150,35 macro and 70-300 ,extra cards UV filters ect,ect for under 900.00 USD and coudnt be happier!!!
And frankly, I couldn't be happier for you as I had the same level of enthusiasm when I first started out with an Olympus digital SLR as you do now. The only difference was that I started with the E-500, graduated to the E-510 and as my needs changed and I became interested in different facets of photography, I upgraded to the E-30.

There in lies the rub, as I delve into more challenging areas of photography such as birds in flight, low light landscape, as well as offering my work at Art Galleries the requirements change. No longer am I satisfied with images that are good but don't have that last ounce of detail, perhaps because the AF system just "didn't quite get it right" or the noise is just a bit too much work to resolve. Yes, I can take those landscape shots over again, but I may never be able to recapture the "light" or the serenity of a particular scene. The same is true for capturing images of birds in flight. There are situations that come up only after spending hours patiently following a particular bird as he feeds in a wildlife sanctuary, you have but a split second to catch the moment when he takes off and heads directly over your head, wings spread out, showing wonderful detail with the early morning light catching the feathers and illuminating them so clearly. You draw your camera up to your eye, quickly spin the barrel to get the correct focal length to fill the frame with the birds wings spread from left to right, feather the shutter release trying to get the subject fully into focus press the shutter release down firmly but with a steady pressure and.........nothing happens. The lens refuses to focus because the AF system SUCKS!!!

You'll get there soon enough.


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