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Lens,your story sounds the same as what is happening here..I suppose some say that is the natural progression of history and I suppose because we see it on our lifetimes it seems so much more dramatic..but it doesn't make it any less sad.I am glad to see you have the same idea of preserving some memories as I do..I just wished I would have started earlier in my life and could have recorded these while they were in use.
Peter..I think we are lucky now with the technology now that people can still preserve these memories..if more people do it,more can be shown to future generations..
Mole..that is a good idea..I don't have audio recordings but in the late 70's and early 80's there was a wave of remembering the history in the area and there were many projects of photographs,historical cairns and district history books of many of the districts so luckily not all is lost.I will definitely continue taking photographs as long as I can..fortunately I am working in the area for the next month or so and I am not known to take the main route to and from work, so I will be taking many photos..
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