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What do you mean by "Windows 7 tried to repair it without success"?

If you've got a damaged file system, or a failing hard drive, I'd strongly advise that you do not attempt to run any utilities on the drive before getting a full disk image backup of the drive using a specialized utility designed specifically for copying a failing drive.

Again, exactly what do you mean by "Windows 7 tried to repair it without success"?

Tried to repair what, exactly?

Did you see some kind of errors being reported? Did Windows try to repair a file system problem at bootup (or did you ask Windows to run something like chkdsk /f from a command prompt)?

You're not giving us much to go on.

Corrupted image files may be caused by a number of different things. They may have already been corrupted on your memory card at the time you copied them to your hard drive. But, you could also have a failing hard drive or a damaged file system.

You need to be very specific on any errors you saw, what you tried to fix, and how you tried to fix them. Again, what did you try to repair and how did you try to repair it?

If you do suspect a failing hard drive or corrupted file system, my advise would be to stop doing anything until you get a good disk image backup of that drive (and I can talk you through doing that using a linux utility designed for that purpose known as gnu ddrescue, provided you have another hard drive with as much or more room on it as the total size of your existing hard drive).

Give us more info on what you saw or did and we'll go from there.

Corrupted images are one thing.. but, your post makes me think you tried to repair a file system problem of some type because of the way you worded it. More info is needed.
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