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Okay, thanks for the advice, JimC. I will ensure the internal storage is formated before going forward.

Yes, the T700 has internal storage as well as a slot for Memory Stick. This is about the internal storage.

PhotoRec doesn't recognize the T700 although Windows (under which PhotoRec is running) does so as mass storage when connected by USB (third image, at bottom, chronologically the most recent). As soon as the camera is connected by USB, the camera display itself says "USB connected" and "mass storage". Oddly, PhotoRec does see the PMB partition (F: in this case) which is also on the camera but not the actual storage (I: in this case). PMB, Picture Motion Browser, is described as Sony's image management software and there was the odd message "Recovering image management file" as described in the original post but I think WITH SOME DOUBT these are unrelated as PMB is referring to the desktop software only.

FWIW, I've attached a few other screenshots from the PC. This forum resizes them and turns them into JPGs so they may look fuzzier than originals.
- The sequence shown in the attached file called "Connected T700 to PC" (first image, top) happened once when the USB cable was connected. I'm guessing it tried to fix the FAT32 but of course without success (which is why I am writing this) despite what it says about "Some problems were found and fixed". Having allowed Windows to try repair it may have altered the camera's internal storage.
- "Thumbnails in Win7 Explorer refreshed after import from PMB" (second image, middle) is an indication of what the full sized photos look like, corrupted or not, when seen with a photo viewer app such as the one built into Windows. There are a lot of damaged files in particular region of thumbnails which is why I selected it for the screenshot. A few photos are even merged with other photos, eg. top is the top of one undamaged photo+bottom is a corrupt random part of another photo although gray bottom is the most common. THIS PATTERN NO DOUBT PROVIDES CLUE TO THE NATURE OF THE PROBLEM. (BTW, there are a lot fewer thumbnails showing damaged pictures when they are freshly imported from the camera by PMB or when viewed directly from the camera using Windows Explorer via cable. I didn't include a screenshot of this. It's only after Windows refreshes the thumbnails they look like that mess. Windows is of course updating the thumbnail database by sampling the actual photos.)

I tried PC Inspector as well per that sticky about Reovering Images or Videos from Memory Cards. May I don't know how to use it but without going into details, it doesn't do anything apparent.
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