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Many thanks for the tip/guide, I had to make the movie first, then right click on the frame to get edit, the speed box for this newer version is at the bottom right hand corner with the rest of the FX on the left side. I use still photos to try out first, they are about 3 seconds each, then slowed down to 1/3 speed, remove the audio then click ok, add audio on the main screen and save it. All together just over a minute long. Its now posted in YT here:

By the way, I use this video to advertise my in-law's vehile for sale so please ignore the phone number unless you are in the market for a Camry
Cheers, max

ok, I tried to upload a different slo-mo video that actually uses motion video but for the last 2 day, Y/T keep telling me they can not convert my video format (which is no differnt than what i have done using MI before...

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