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I am planning to upgrade from my FZ40/45 to a Nikon D7000.

Originally Posted by popellis View Post
Maybe it is me but I do not seemed to be getting very good pictures with my FZ-100. I must admit I am also not doing well with the LX-5 either (At least Indoors without flash). My question is for those that have both the FZ-100 and the FZ-40/45. Do you prefer to use the FZ-40/45 over the FZ-100.
I haven't seen many post from LTZ-470 lately I think he moved up to a "G" series.
I am thinking of mothballing the FZ-100 and using something else. I did use the 60 shot burst mode yesterday, just playing around and that was impressive. The movie mode is also very good although I hardley use it.
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