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Default First LC-55C Trial

Well I received my L55C yesterday and had some time for a quick trail.

It appears that the farthest I can get from a subject is 17 inches ; anything further is out of focus. I can get closer but I need to back the lens off as I get closer.
It was easy to use once realizing its limitations of maximum focal length.

I find the best way to focus is by actually moving the camera towards or away from the subject as the subject moves. So using a tripod on a subject moving away from you beyond 17" you may not be possible.

The lens has no threads so I cannot attach my polarizer to it and need to either attach it before or build a sleeve of some sort. I can’t add a UV filter to it either for protection.

The lens works well with my UV filter on the main lens and does not crash into the L55C when extended.
I wish the lens had a cover as it is very exposed and is easily scratched.I need some sort of protective pouch so when I am hiking and have to quickly remove the lens to take a far off picture, I can put it attached to the adapter where it won’t get scratched.

It seems anything but distilled water will ruin the lens if used for cleaning according to the instructions.

It also works with the LA3 and the Hood adapter attached and I am not too sure what this extra half inch extension gains.

Here is the first few pictures from the lens. All images are cropped a bit from 9MP 16:9 pictures.

Who can tell right away if that is a female or a male green frog?
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