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Default Bought D5100 Now which lens + Extended War or not ?

After HOURS of research and 3 AM mornings trying to decide B/T a D5100 - T3i - D7000 or 60D I purchased the D5100. It came down to that it seems to be that the D5100 is a better camera for someone who wants to take pictures while the T3i may be a better choice for someone who wants to also use a CAMERA as a CAMCORDER. The D5100 over the D7000 or 60D both great cameras left me some money to buy a lens.

I never really take pictures far away but like the fact that if I did I would have the right lens. Usually its at a dinner, or an event or groups of people, pets etc. Cars, full moons, some landscapes with mountains.

So. Tamron's new 18 - 270 ? OR Nikon's 18 - 200 ? OR Nikon's 16 - 85 ? Many sites could not prise the Tamron enough. Some scores it much higher than the Nikon 18 200 except for build quality price or " chromatic aberations".

After fooling around with all 3 for about 2 hours the Nikons definately have a more quality look - feel - texture and the lens focal movement is more smooth and possibly accurate. But the Nikons are more expensive.

So do I need to buy the EXTENDED WARRANTY ? and which lens do I get.

All assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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