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LTZ470 does have a G series and a DSLR or two, if I'm not mistaken.
I'm one of the lunatics who has both the FZ40 and FZ100. I'm not a Panasonic fan (I only own these 2 Panasonics).
They are similar enough to cut my learning curve a bit, but different enough that they each serve a purpose.
The biggest advantages for me of the FZ100 are the 11FPS speed bursts, remote shutter socket and articulating lcd screen.
I don't have extensive experience with them, but I set them both up the way LTZ470 advised:
QUOTE=LTZ470;1200413] "A" Mode for Aperture Priority...yes thats great, but for bright sun around f/4 will still give you a fast shutter speed...

Use Standard setting, set Contrast to 0...Sharpness to +2...Saturation -1...NR -1 or -2 (I like -2)

Set you Intelligent ISO to Max 200...Stabilisation to Mode 2...keep your camera very steady during and just after the shots the FZ100 is an "Advanced Point & Shoot" and takes some skill to get the best from it...[/QUOTE]

I'm not very good at holding the camera still, so I like to use a tripod with a remote shutter and the fast bursts for outdoor shots of birds, etc. especially when there's any breeze.
I've been reading photography books and they advise Aperture mode with as low an ISO as possible even for DSLR cameras, so I know LTZ470 is onto something with his advice.
For the sharpest pictures while using a tripod , turn image stabilization OFF.

What kinds of pictures are you unhappy with and why?
What settings have you been using?
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