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Default Super Fine vs RAW 7i images

After going through all the hoops, I finally started taking shots with our 7i using the Minolta Viewer software. We were told the RAW files were the way to go with the 7ii, and we were told we needed the Minolta software so the pics didn't look flat. Well at first look, it's the RAW files that look flat, real flat, the Super Fine images look much better, more vibrant. (I still don't see what all the hoopla is about, I still think our old DC290 took better pics.) Anyway were stuck with the 7i since, like a fool, I sold the 290. The software, working with the RAW images, shows the image very small, is there a way to see the image bigger? It seems like it'll be hard to color correct an image thats only 3x3, the SF images can be blown up so you can at least see what you're doing. It also seems like the RAW images will need an imense amount of work to get them looking half way decent, is there any reason other than file size to go Raw instead of Super Fine? The 1GB Microdrive holds around 65 SF images, around 105 RAW. Any feedback would be appreciated.
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