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Originally Posted by Albertstan View Post
I've purchased a Kodak Zx5 which is an amazing little camera. I've tested it out at HDV 1080p 30 fps and the results are amazing on my 40" Sony TV using the HDMI cable supplied.
So far so good.
Now I wish to transfer the clips to DVD
You might try a short trial clip of a few seconds/minutes depending on your patience.

First a caveat -
you should note that although we tend to think of DVDs as the "best" quality video
(this is no longer the case since HDTV and BluRay discs)
because DVD specs/standard for NTSC (link to Wikipedia) is only 720x480 -
and all the video record modes on your new Zx5 exceed that -
so even if you record only at the lowest humble WVGA (848x480)
this is more than adequate for a good DVD -
and probably will be indistinguishable from one recorded at the best 1080p, once on a video DVD.
Because NTSC video DVDs for your home player are only 720x480.

To convert your video to files burnable to a DVD -
I use a really good Freeware program called DVD Flick -
but the older/immediate previous version

That is why I suggested a short clip to try -
just record yourself a short clip -
that hopefully will reveal any problems in conversion -
I really would not do more than about 2-3 minutes for a trial.

Then simply use DVD Flick to convert it into DVD burnable file -
and play the result with Windows Media Player to see if it is OK.

If it is, then do your real editing adding titles etc -
check the result is OK -
then use DVD Flick to do the DVD conversion?

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