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I saw that you posted in the Sony section, so I responded there. That said, I had the Bloggie touch for a couple of days and really didn't care for it. The sensor is find and it is capable of taking good video, provided you have a lot of light. That pinhole lens and big sensor don't play well together in low light conditions. The real problem with the bloggie touch--duo and 3d as well--is not the sensor size, but the horrendously slow autofocus that sony is using. It can't get a lock on a subject. When it gets the scene in focus and you're shooting outside in daylight--everything looks good. Pan the camera an inch or two and you're waiting 4 seconds for the image to focus again. Try walking with the camera of actually using it in a real life situation when you're not standing perfectly still and using a monopod or tripod (especially since it has no image stabilization--save crappy electronic blurring) and you have a recipe for crappy video. For the same money you can get a real camcorder (see my post on the JVC Everio above) or for a few dollars more you can find a very nice point and shoot with 720p video that has optical zoom and optical image stabilization and you'll have a much better camera. If that's not your speed, I would go for a Kodak Zi8 or Zx3 (Playsport--last generation with fixed focus). Fishy is our resident expert on Kodak, so I'll defer to him--although I know he loves his Zi8. (at least I think you still do--even though you are down on Kodak customer service). Anyway, good luck with your choice.
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