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Ha! I found a couple more of my musical videos with the Zi8 on YouTube -
they're not credited - but I did take them on my Zi8

These are those big band with female singer videos I had mentioned elsewhere:

All that Jazz Jessie Davis and the Drive By Big Band

How High the Moon Jessie Davis and the Drive By Big Band
Please enjoy!

to give some context to the lighting conditions of those videos:

ISO5000, f/3.5, 1/25; 18mm

er-hum that's ISO5000 - that's 2.7 stops compared to ISO800 the max sensitivity of the Zi8
f/3.5 - 0.7 stops difference to Zi8 max aperture of f/2.8 -
then 1/25 sec - which is slower than even 30fps......
so we are talking about -2.3 stops darker than what is theoretically comfortable the Zi8 - ISO800, f/2.8 and 30fps (has to be slightly faster than 1/30 sec) -
so it is not surprising that the videos are a little on the dark side -
but amazing now that I actually know the lighting levels........

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