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great to hear about your new investment!

It's all about having fun, and if a piece of equipment inspires and educates you, then you are in the best position on your journey of developing the art and craft of photography!

I just have one tip for you really, if you want to stop the barrel distortion in the first photo you posted (i.e you can see the ferrero rocher tray 'bending' as it if its 'breathing out' !!!! ) try using a longer focal length (zoom) to crop and frame the subject. This goes for portrait photograhpy as well - shoot from a distance - This will stop objects and faces from looking bulbous. Of course, there are times when close-up macro is the best option to use, such as flower photography!

Good luck with your new HS-20 and be sure to show us all your photographs!

And enjoy the chocolates and sweets haha!
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