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Default Do you still like your Nikon 8100?

Hi! I'm looking for feedback on this camera by people that have had it awhile and have actually learned how to use it. I was debating between this one and the ZS7, but the fact that I can get it for $249 at Costco with a 2 year warranty is swaying me to the 8100. I also read that it has marginally better low light pics than the ZS7. I've read some quirky things about focusing, lens errors etc.. I would like to get feedback from someone that has used it a lot, curious if you still like it. No camera is perfect, that's for sure. I thought I could maybe find a better low light camera if I looked at zooms from 5X-9X, but no reviews have really reflected that. I understand the limitations of a small sensor, I've tried to educate myself to make the best decision.
Thanks so much.
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