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Originally Posted by Tullio View Post
This past week was my son's 8th grade graduation and we participated in a few evening events. I took with me (to different events) my ZS7, G1 and EPL1 and I must say I felt like smashing up every single one of them. The EPL1 did slightly better than the others only because I was able to cap the ISO at 2500 since it handles high ISO noise real well. However, in many situations it would not focus at all. The ZS6 video was horrendous. As I started recording, the image would turn much darker (no clue why it did that). iAuto handled WB poorly. The G1 was probably the worst of the three (to my surprise). The flash was very inconsistent, focus was slow (particularly with the 45-200mm), and both the EVF and LCD were far from acceptable when light was low. IMO, none of these cameras produce decent results when photographing people indoors in low light. I don't have the FZ35/40 but my guess is that it won't do much better at all.
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