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Default Wearable camcorder Recorder Review

Wearable camcorder recorder Video Review click link

Dedicated to Loghound, on youtube, you may visit his channel, and offer Feedback, as well.

Welcome to the Unknown companies of hidden camcorders, this is the wearable sunglass recorder, comes in three formats. Avi of 640x480,740x480, and 1280x720 AR 4:3.

Stills as well come in three various sizeds, as well a audio/voice recorder, this is a 3-n-1 unit, 5-n-1 unit. its wearable, and webcam operations.

The quality is great for the actual unit, it captures video, correctly, if you take your time filming.

The Actual company who makes these is not into camcorders, they are into Flash lights and other devices, for example:

Proper industrial Ltd. Shenzhen Lanhaite Electronics Limited , are just a few who supply these over in China, the main locations of developement.

The sunglasses take Micro Sd card from 1 gb-16gb, and newer versions today offer built in 2 gb of internal memory. These are great gadgets , taking decent video today. Great for the daytime, outdoor use, on a pc, wit ha low budget. the unit is operational, for Op systems for pc win98, 2000, XP, and vista only, not Win 7

The Files are named Pict001-~ no matter if video, audio file etc.

I hope you can sit back and enjoy the review, of the Wearable Camcorder Recorder Review.

Thank you
These are Pc low Budget Economy Hybrid camcorders Great for the Daytime Outdoor shots
Light on the Object video made. No light No Video
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