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Originally Posted by Dabbler View Post
For the money, the Raynox 250 will get you greater magnification.
They both attach to 52mm and up lenses BUT the Raynox 250 is a deep lens, so it can't attach directly on the lens itself.
I was very surprised to read that the 150 attaches directly and wonder if it really does.

Beli, if you're considering the TC-e17ed, then you need to know that you'll need both the Panasonic adapter and a step down adapter 60mm to 55mm.
It's heavy, but seems to be the best, as per comparisons I've seen on the internet.
Actually I'm getting the Olympus Tc-17 I think it's called? I'll have to go back and research... from my reading it only needs the adapter? I have not heard of the Tc e17ed?

Tripods generally do not need anything else installed they fit right on the camera.

Pure it would do you a lot of good to research on your own. A lot of my questions were answered by a google search, or even searching on here.
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