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IQRaceworks, I was recently looking to upgrade and had a lot of the same questions. For me, it came down to the T3i or 60D. I was fortunate to be able to use both for a couple days before I made my purchase - the 60D. I do need to say the images from both bodies looked the same but the 60D fit me better.

Some of the reasons I went with the 60D in order are:

1) The 60D fits my hand much better. I thought this was a ridiculous idea until I actually felt the difference. The deeper grip and added weight just feels better to me.
2) While I like sunset/sunrise photos the most now, as I get more in to photography I see my ideas of fun shoots expanding and felt the 60D offered me some room to grow in to it.
3) Regardless of the body, I knew I would have to save to get the lenses I want. The kit lense (18-135) that came with the 60D gave me a little more range while saving for the lenses.

I hope this helps you out some.
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