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Default Tamron 18-270mm PZD?

Since this lense is available for Sony, Nikon, and Canon, I thought I would post it here instead of in each forum seperately.

I have a question about its construction and AF. I have heard that there is a flaw in the design of this lense, in that if I am trying to zoom from 18 all the way to 270mm while holding the lens in an up or down angle the lens will catch at some point and not extend all the way, in order to fully extend I must move the lens to a horizontal position and resume zooming? this would be a problem trying to take a picture of something on the ground or in the air. Is this true? I have never been able to use the lens myself.

Also I am interested in the AF speed of this lens? is it generally considered a fast AF lens, or slow? or does it vary by brand? sony, canon, or nikon?

I have been confused about this ever since I heard it. Thanks for any help regarding this issue.
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