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Originally Posted by Greg Chappell View Post
The tilt screen is no doubt going to be a huge hit. For a while I used the E330, which had the same type hinged back and I never really like the way it worked that well, preferring the style of the E5/E30.

While I was spending my money yesterday at Arlington Camera I got on the list to get a call when the E-P3 is finally available as a body-only option.
It is fortunate that you have a camera shop in the area that carries a full line of Olympus products. One of my frustrations is that, here in the Boston market area, there isn't anyone that I'm aware of who stocks Olympus. Or, if they do (Best Buy) they have just one model.

I would love to handle the E-Pl3 and the E-P3 prior to actually spending the money.


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