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Originally Posted by boBBrennan View Post
....I've a SW-piece that I used to recover a card full of data for my daughter but I don't want to mess with it. The only files that were meaningful were of the bridge without the 'hours signage' and that is so easy to do again.

Yep, most 'lost data' is only 'misplaced', amazing that so many believe deleting the tags solves there want for privacy, I for one believe this is a good thing. Not a lot of people know what low-level formatting is about, nor what binary-zero data are, or isn't, and for discarding media hardware what a drill motor is good for.

I really do like your bridge shot, it seems to not lead to anywhere..... I see a stone wall at the end of it, love it.
Yep I'm with you on your data observations.

I'm laughing about your observation about the bridge shot. Since I knew the path turns left at the end of the bridge I just didn't see what you saw. So you caused me to look at the photo in a very different way. Thanks!

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