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Always good to see honest perspective of pros/cons. I think there will always be things Oly did better - wishful thinking to believe Nikon will adapt some of those. But, I also think once you start using some of Nikon's better glass you may feel more positive about sharpness. Still, I suspect you may never feel nikon lenses live up to the Oly standard.

As to focus performance - it's always difficult or impossible for someone to appreciate a better focus system until they use it first-hand. Just think about this though - the d90 still represents nikon's 3rd tier focus system and look how good it is! But it's difficult to appreciate just from viewing photos. You have to use it to appreciate how much easier it makes your job when shooting moving subjects.

Truth be told, if someone handed me a check for $12k I'd switch from my current canon gear to nikon Really like what they're doing vs. the rest of the DSLR world!
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