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Originally Posted by tkurkowski View Post
Hey, Zig, I'm glad you got what you need for BIF. I know you've been frustrated with your Oly gear for that type of photography.

FWIW, My friend Mannie Garcia, who has a national reputation as a pro tog
would have told you that if you need to shoot action (he's a war photographer so he knows a little about that) you need rock solid AF and high ISO, and Nikon is the only game in town for that. (His opinion of Canon, like many of my pro tog friends, is unprintable.)

Hi Ted,

I'll be sure to look at the site that you've been kind enough to post.

As for my frustrations, it has more to do with Olympus' decision to pull out of
fourthirds just at a time when they (IMO) were so close to getting many of the things that frustrate us all resolved.

High ISO performance was never on the top of my list as, for the most part, there are work arounds in editing that I can deal with. That, and knowing what to do in key situations. What really had me frustrated- was Oly never really dealing with the AF system foibles.

As for Canon vs Nikon, the photography club I belong to is heavily weighted towards Canon- probably 70%. I'm probably the only guy with an Olympus.
Based on what I've seen, I prefer the Nikon.

But, truth be told, ( and I'm not blowing my own horn here) the images that I bring to the meetings at critique nights stand up very well against the others.

But, I'm not going anywhere soon. I'm still an Oly user and will be for some time.

You guys will have me to kick around here for awhile.

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