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Originally Posted by lesmore49 View Post
Losing autofocus is an issue. I'm finding my aging eyes are not as good as they once were using manual focus.
I hear you. That's one of the things I'm up against too.

You know, the other company that could use the K-mount is Vivitar. I remember I used to have a Vivitar XV-10. (If I remember correctly.) It was the last K-mount film camera I used. (It was too much fun!) I sold it. I'm kick myself for selling it. If I had it, I'd probably be using it!

If Vivitar made a digital version of their V3800n camera (with autofocus, and a simple auto exposure mode), for a reasonable price, I think it would be a fun camera to have. Really go retro and get away from auto-this and auto-that and just get back to iso, aperture and shutter. Give me 12 m.pixels and iso6400 and I'd be good to go. <grin>

If there were a few brands making cameras and lenses for the K-mount, it wouldn't be that much different than the m43 landscape.

That would be like the old days too.

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