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The replies so far have pretty well hit the mark!

Can't resist to add in a couple of non-serious digs though

There are always some thing to confuse you even more like Hasselblads h4d-200s. medium format body.
A very expensive (44,000$) medium format camera the produces 200 megapixel images but only has a 50 megapixel sensor.
At 200mp the camera takes images on the slow side even though the shutter may be set fast because the camera is repositioning the sensor internally.

Originally Posted by mdb86 View Post
1. If you can spend $3000 on a camera, all subsequent rules do not apply, because your sensor is big enough that setting one doesn't have to sacrifice the other. Okay, just kidding.

Yes, that's one of the dirty little secrets schools like Brooks institute (3 year BFA course) and RIT don't what you to know.
After 10 minutes you are mostly done, and can spend the next 2.9 years in a coffee shop waiting to get your Bachelors or Masters in Photography diploma !

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OK. So after reading for 10 minutes, it seems there are some basic rules to photography.
In Imaging it is easy t figure out the basics, but difficult to truly master, if ever.

Don't give up, keep shooting!
A smartphone is all the "camera" you really need.
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