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Hi Gang: I'm back from an extended time out of state, and looking to catch up on the new photos posted to the forum. I'm sure that there have been some good ones posted while I was away. I'll be trying to catch up over the next few days.

I took the E-3 to my wife's family reunion in Virginia, and I was assigned to the role of photographer, so almost everything I took was people shots, mainly in large groups. I'm not used to doing a lot of people photography, but the E-3 came thru and did very well with that type of shooting.

I was really pleased with how well it captured the varied skin tones of the crowd, under different lighting conditions. Almost all the shots were keepers, I was pleasantly surprised at how few shots I discarded. I would have had many more discards with my E-520.

After 4 straight days and 3 drained batteries, my impressions are still overwhelmingly positive of the camera. While others had their cameras there, I can say that the E-3 results definitely outdid any of them.
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