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Harriet - Glad you enjoyed the 'flies! That cheap old lens amazes me with its clarity and color rendition...

MtnMan - So glad you enjoyed both the insects and the nature "lesson." You are correct - Zebra Swallowtails do not frequent the far north. Their caterpillars must have Paw Paw trees for food, and Paw Paw is a southern species. Here's some more information (including a distribution map at the bottom of the page):

GW - Thanks!

Kevin - So glad you liked these. Those Hummingbird Moths are definitely a challenge (for me) - usually get one good shot for a dozen terrible ones...

Marc - Thanks so much for your very kind comments. Yes, we have PLENTY of Zebra Swallowtails here in East Tennessee - because we have plenty of Paw Paw thickets.
You are correct, these are Snowberry Clearwings (Hemaris diffinis). The other species here in East Tennessee is Hemaris thysbe, and it has pale yellowish legs.
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