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Originally Posted by VTphotog View Post
You may want to check out used gear at I just took a look at their site and they are now offering 6 month warranty on used equipment, and you would be able to buy the body and lenses you need, rather than start with a standard kit and have to swap things around. I haven't checked prices on the gear you mention, so can't say if it would work, though.

Good call. I should look there. I forgot they're offering a 6 month warranty now. I just bought a film slr from them 2 days before all my digital stuff was stolen.

Originally Posted by TCav View Post
The Tamron 17-50/2.8 is a gem and a bargain (a rare confluence) on a stabilized body. The stabilized version isn't as good, and the unstabilized version on an unstabilized body will be unstabilized (duh.) If you'll be using flash anyway, then it doesn't matter as much, though.
So the 60D doesn't have image stabilization? I guess I've just been use to the luxury of Sony Alpha where all of the bodies have it built in. How bad would the stabilized version be? And why would it be bad?

Originally Posted by billy View Post
Why buy a kit, then sell off the lenses, when you can buy a 60D body only? That would make more sense to me, unless that kit is allowing you to get a bargain on the 60D; after you sell the included lenses. Also, selling things in this economy can be hard, and take some time. So, you'll want to consider that as well.

As for refurbs, I bought a refurb 50D from Adorama, and mine has been solid. They offer a 1 year warranty on Canon refurbs, which is a plus. The only issue I've had with my camera is with live view, which I rarely use anyway. I was going to send it in for a replacement, however Adorama was out of refurb 50Ds at the time, so I just said forget it. I think my one year warranty is about to run up this fall.

Good luck, stinks to hear you lost your car and gear to thieves.
Well I'm looking at a combo (refurb) that includes the 60D body, a 18-135, a 55-200, and a camera bag for around $1200. The 18-135 is worth ~$350, while the 55-200 is worth around ~$160, so it would worth it I think, but maybe not if it's refurbished....Hmm. I did check Adorama for refurbished 60ds, but I didn't see any. Do they have a refurbished section I'm missing or something?

Thanks everyone for the replies!!
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