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Default DSLR advice for growing family

Hi All.

I finally can afford my own DSLR and I would love some advice. I've spent about a week reading countless reviews and forums. There don't seem to be a lot of bad choices.

My budget is about $1000 out the door with lens/lenses. I'de love it if there was a surprise cheaper model out there too. The budget could be stretched a bit if necessary. Having waited so long to get one, I don't want to out grow my camera. I probably wouldn't be able to replace it for a few years. Are there any fabulous new camera in the works (in this price range) that I should wait for?

I am partial to Nikon, having used a D70 at work for years. I can sail through the settings and am very comfortable with it. I am also willing to try another brand with your very high reccomendations.

I want a camera and set-up that would be sufficient to take high quality children's portraits. I have two kids and twin nieces on the way. Once I sorted it all out, I might even try taking other kid's photos to supplement my income. (Any editing software suggestions would be wonderful too.)

I would also be taking family activity photos: outdoor soccer and swimming shots, indoor cheerleading and dance shots, vacation vistas and architecture shots, etc. These would end up in photo books and the family poster sized anything.

I want a quick, sharp picture every time. I have had years of dissapointment since the world went digital. I know my way around Photoshop. I am willing to take a photograpy class or two.

Video quality is a bonus, not a must. It would mostly be used for quick clips of the kids and their activities. No one wants to see more than a couple minutes of any kid activity.

I do not have any old lenses or equipment to grandfather in. I am going to need advice on those too. Should I be looking at a lesser/cheaper camera with better lenses?

I went and "test drove" the Nikkon 5100 and 7000 and a local store. My gut wants the metal body of the 7k. I need you all to help me with the logic or clue me into another brand/model.

Thanks so much!
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