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OMG, I saw some youtube videos .
As I was taking the pictures a couple drove by and the girl was somewhat hysterical.

With a loud voice she said she would never get out of the car with one of those around, they will bite off your (expletive) finger off and she went on and on while the car drove past until her voice faded in the distance. (She may have mentioned alligator snapper but all I heard was snapper.)

I'm thinking it's just a stupid turtle, whats with the drama! After all it just sat there.
I continued to get as close as possible for those shots and went on my way.

I kind of remember snapper turtles but have never seen one but at the time was thinking this is the Sherman Tank of snappers.

I'm sure glad it didn't bite me because it sure could have.

Cheers, still ten toed and fingered.
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