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Originally Posted by mike_1 View Post

Your photos are so clear and beautiful, as I expected. That video is too cool! Have you ever tried to count the birds? Not sure how you could do that...whew!

Hello Mike,

I've hit upper 40's and had to stop - that's when they are primarily perched and few are flying. Generally speaking, the truce will only last for 30 seconds at the absolute outside. That's often because another hummer will sweep in and intimidate a perched bird by flying slightly beyond and above the perched bird. Theoretical maximum is 70 birds, since each feeder base has 10 feeding ports.

Originally Posted by hnikesch View Post
Marc, love your humming bird shots, I only have one feeder and been trying to get a good shot for 2 months, no luck yet

Patience Hans! Observe them if possible for their behavior - they are sometime repetitive, but not always.

Thanks to you both for the very kind words.

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