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Originally Posted by guillermovilas View Post
I'm just about thinking of buying a XZ-1 and i would have liked to have a few details concerning the 2 viewfinders available.

I noticed that the VR3 is cheaper then the VR2 , why ?
I've read that the VR3 has a 920000 mp resolution but i see no details about the VR2 resolution ? Which is best ?


I presume you read my comments above regarding the VF-3. I returned it to Olympus the same day for the reasons I stated. Based on what I've read/seen of the VF-2, I suspect it is indeed vastly superior, hence the price difference. When I pay nearly half as much for a viewfinder as a complete camera, I expect it to be significantly better than the included viewfinder on a $400-500 camera. In terms of resolution, yes, it's quite good, but usability for me was poor. At least the LCD screen on the XZ-1 is exceptional. Looking back at a typical bridge or superzoom camera LCD, it's amazing how grainy and poor quality is the picture. I don't have too many problems using the XZ-1 LCD in bright sunlight, though LCD aides are available if needed, for way less than a viewfinder.
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