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I like it.. I only took 80 pics and I like 99% of them.

P mode is reliable, IAuto can be a bit wrong, but generally is OK too.

Speed with RAW+JPEG is really nice (I have a class 10 card), I like the cam so far.
Negative things , so far are:

The options in the cam's menu, where important stuff is a bit hidden.

Slot for the HDMI and USB could be better and it's bit annoying to open and set wires into it.

I am a "beginner", but noise and quality are better than HS20EXR that I returned some months ago.

IAuto is good for newbies, P is good and allows you to experiment.
Video seems perfect in HD
AF speed is excellent in good light, OK in low light, flash is very good.
There is Hot Shoe and external Mic access.

RAW that I am using for the first time is good too.

I like the cam a lot, and I am sure that with time I will extract the best out of it for my needs.

The battery is good, cam is "small", not heavy and ergonomics is very good too.


P.S About photos, I have not uploaded any.
But in DPreview there are plenty of them and with the newer FW1.0, which is in my cam too.

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