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Default Finally getting the results from the Sigma 105mm I was hoping for.

The first shots with the sigma already showed that the lens was great. But I never tried autofocus with macro shots.

I know macro doesn't need autofocus, and I never used it because my previous lens didn't do autofocus.

It makes getting 2 pictures for focusblending a lot easier.
First focus on the part you want in focus but is farther away from you main focus point (and keep the button pressed so the focuspoint stays fixed).
Then point the camera at your focus point that has to be really in focus. Take the picture, and again push the shutter, now it'll focus on you main point.

The result of such an action after blending is this.

Exposure Time: 1/179
F Number: 16
ISO Speed Ratings: 100
camera & flash in manual mode

The time needed to refocus with automatic focus is a lot shorter than I have when doing a manual focus.

As a sidenote I'm still impressed with the sharpness of the lens.

Exposure Time: 1/179
F Number: 9.5
ISO Speed Ratings: 100
camera & flash in manual mode

Exposure Time: 1/750
F Number: 4
ISO Speed Ratings: 100
camera in manual mode (no flash)


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