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Yes, Ozzie_Traveller, there are a number of flaws in that chart.
  • The alignment of the 14mm (for 35mm film) and 9mm (for APS-C), 24 and 16, and 3002 and 200 are appropriate, and
  • the offset of 17 and 11, 20 and 14, 35 and 24 are correct
... but ...
  • 28 and 18 should not be aligned, and
  • 50 and 28 shouldn't be anywhere near one another
Also, while a 35mm equivalent focal length of 28mm is common as the shortest focal length/widest angle of view for superzoom cameras, it is by no means universal. The same is true of 24mm and compact cameras. In addition, the extension of the lines for superzoom and compact cameras to the left of the 1X mark implies that there are also 0.75X and 0.5X values to be found on the graph, and that's certainly not true.

Lastly, and this certainly ventures into the relm of nitpicking, technically, a "Telephoto Lens" is a lens whose focal length is longer than the lens itself. That definition actually includes some popular pancake "Normal" and and "Wide Angle" lenses.
  • The lens is the thing.
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