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Default Lost photos on Coolpix S8100

I had a weird thing happen on a trip. My camera is 6 months old and I love it. But I had about 900 photos left on a 4 GB card and the next morning after taking about 30 (I hadn't glanced to see how many I had left that morning) I run out of memory. Huh?! So I'm scrolling through and see only that day's photos. I take the SanDisk memory card out and put it back in and now it says I have about 900 photos left to take . When I review, this time I see all photos taken so far from every day EXCEPT that day's photos! Those appear to be gone. Was I in some weird mode on that day I ran out? I'm always switching from flash to no flash, from auto mode to others and wonder if I accidentally hit something else. I'm thinking of taking it to Wolf camera to see if they can recover that day's worth of lost pictures.

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