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Hi Torgny

I'm glad you appreciated my (detailed) reply. And thanks for the Swedish lesson! "ytspänning ytspänning ytspänning".

Yes, as you know (& explained) when the sun isn't on a subject, it can (at times) make the colours 'appear' more washed out, as they are not 'reflecting' the bright light.

I like the post processing you did on the second versions of each the 3rd and 4th photos. Very nice and still natural looking aka "true to reality" (in my humble opinion).

The (birch) 'curtain' term I used, is because that is what came to my mind when I saw photo 1 - it looked like they were all at a plane (same distance) away from the camera / you - and thus represented as a curtain 'hangs' like that.

The primary school I went to had a few silver birch trees, that we used to 'twist' and throw the seeds from it... lots of fun as a 6 year old! (I wonder if that is still there?) many years ago.

Best wishes... and I like the deep colours, including the greens in your '2nd edition' photos a lot.


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