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Default Downgrading from DSLR? What to look for in superzoom or bridge

Hey all
I have a Canon EOS Rebel XT that I never ever use, and my husband already has a Canon 7D with all the lenses and flashes etc.. so often if we go out for an all day trip (ie Busch Gardens etc) He will lug that and all of it's baggage, and I will generally shoot pics with my iphone 4. The trouble is I love to scrapbook and i have 3 kids. I want to get a lighter, "easier" camera than the DSLR to bring with me to assemblies/ parties/ park etc... and get decent photos. I know that I will not get what I get with a DSLR but I would like it to be better than the canon elph I have from 4 years ago as well lol
Anyhow I am not exactly sure what to look for as far as features go. I don;t want to spend more than $400 if i can help it as I want to sell my Rebel and lens and flash and hope to be close to what I will pay.
So it doesnt have to be ultra light but weight matters a little, I need a zoom for the zoo/ or assemblies. I need it to work well with my macbook pro and iphoto. I dont know if that facebook software is just on that samsung P&S but if thats an option that would be great.
Have been looking at
Coolpix L120, Powershot SX130Is, Finepix S2950, Cybershot DSC-HX5V, and some of the Lumix... I'm open to suggestions too. If I get greater than 10X optical zoom will it still be a steady focus? And when looking at image stabilization do I want Optical Electronic or Dual? Anything else? Seems like there are just too many choices lol... Thanks so much for your input
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