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G'day Saraha

Welcome to Steves forum - nice to hear from you

Everything you ask for I / we here have heard before - you are not unique in wanting a camera that suits your needs ... and each of us had differing needs. If you meander back thru the various topics on the "I want a new camera" thread you will find other Qs and their Answers

The idea of downsizing is a good one for ergonomic reasons if for nothing else ... while a dSLR is an excellent 'technical' camera, nearly all of them are big & heavy with camera + a half-decent lens weighing in at maybe 1-1/2kilos - much too heavy for many people - including me

Each of the cameras you mention are good cameras from good camera makers - the 'trick' will be to find which one best fits your hand / eyes.

I would guess that your hubbie's dSLR lenses cover the equivalent of about 10x zoom from the wide-angle end of things to the tele-zoom end of things. Thus, I would suggest you look for one with 12x to 18x zoom rather than one with 20x to 30x zoom ... common sense will tell you that the longer the zoom the more camera shake will occur regardless of the image stabilisation system is inside the camera

In our household we have mostly Panasonic superzooms - we like them for their good ergonomics, good lenses, excellent viewfinders & easy to follow menu operations etc

When you settle down to play with 2 or 3 cameras side-by-side in the shop, you can compare the above couple of points and choose which suits 'you' best and buy that camera ... and have lots of enjoyment from it too

Hope this helps a bit
Regards, Phil
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